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Most Researched Product on the Market

Most Researched Product on the Market

Clinical research has showcased the benefits of adding Juice Plus+ to your diet. More than 20 Juice Plus+ research studies have been conducted in leading hospitals and universities around the world

Best Nutrition

Wholefood Nutrition

Juice Plus+ is whole food based nutrition, including juice powder concentrates from over 30 different fruits, vegetables and grains. Juice Plus+ helps bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat every day. Not a treatment or cure for any disease, Juice Plus+ is made from ingredients carefully monitored from farm to capsule to provide natural nutrients. Non GMO, third generation farms, no pesticides, no Herbicide, non dairy, vegan free.

Rich in Vitamins & Antioxidants

Whole food based nutrition delivers powerful antioxidants that provide your body protection, because it relies on fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants are described as “a substance that inhibits oxidation or reactions promoted by oxygen, peroxides, or free radicals”. Examples of antioxidants include beta-carotene, lycopene, vitamins C and E and other substances. Many of these antioxidant substances come from fruits and vegetables.โ€

Whole food based nutrition starts in orchards, gardens and vineyards. Juice Plus+ combines the latest dietary guidelines and clinical research findings to create convenient whole food based nutrition, while consistently emphasizing that people need to eat more fruits and vegetables to improve their chances of living long and healthy lives.

Business Opportunity

The company has seen great growth over the years and the current owner of 50 years decided the company needed expansion from 30 countries into 100 countries, with a new investment of $1 Billion dollars.

The company has the most researched products on the market and up to 40 studies being conducted, with a wellness program and scalable globally, and this just adds to value proposition of this business. One of the three areas of the life cycle that people often struggle with is health, mental wellbeing and financial security or a plan B and this business model supports these areas.

There is great ongoing support to build capability, based on a proven model, this is a great time to take control of your future, work for yourself and create more time.

Best Nutrition


Our company not only focuses on supplementing well to close the gap with what we are eating and what we should be eating, but adding more value with the mind, body and soul programs as we understand that mindfulness is important to our health and wellbeing,

The Mind program focuses on clearing the mind and creating better thoughts.

The Body Program we look at detoxing, how to plate your meals with the right methodology, and in a sustainable way, this is not dieting..

The Soul Program is a helpful guide to learning some simple steps to a happier and fulfilled life.

Best Nutrition

Vitality Hub

The new health and wellness online hub designed to allow people to access resources to help with health and wellness journey with some great resources like videos by experienced trainers in yoga, pilates and a library of workouts. There are recipes and targeted programs around, mental health, skin, gut, mindful movement, meditation and guides. There will be a monthly mindset webinars such as mastering mindset and how to eat for vitality.

We have access to personal trainers, health coaches and nutritionist to support your health journey.

So if you are looking for results in losing weight, more vitality, toning up, improve your mental wellbeing, then get in touch with me.


Vitality Hub is a WORLDWIDE online Health & Lifestyle program that has been designed to support you to living a healthier, happier and more energised life.

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